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Eclipse offers EIGHT beautiful traditional oak stain finishes and the Natural Elements collection.  Each of these enhance the character and grain of the wood species. Our craftsmen stain each piece of cabinetry by spraying the surface of natural wood and wiping by hand which accentuates the grain and character of the wood.  Each stain finish is coated with a durable, catalyzed conversion varnish to protect the finish and create a soft polished brilliance.  Further customize your chosen look with one of our traditional or highlight glazes.  The Natural Elements Collection is not offered with glaze and highlight.



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Oak Finishes

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Traditional Oak Finishes

Stained finishes: The real beauty of wood comes from the natural qualities of the wood itself.  Depending on the wood type, Wood will vary in color from shades of white, red, brown, green, to almost black.  This variation in the underlying wood color affects the finished appearance of the applied stain.  As such, color samples are only approximations of the finished product, but not exact matches.  Grain variations of solid hardwood and veneers will vary from curvy to nearly straight and will also affect the finished appearance. Solid wood panels of doors and drawer fronts naturally expand and contract with normal humidity changes due to interior heating and cooling, this may result in panels shrinking during dry conditions (typically winter) and revealing unfinished lines on the outside edges of the center panel.

*Internet technology does not allow for completely accurate reproduction of wood, stain or paint colors. Visit an independent retailer to view displays and samples for actual colors.  W. W. Wood Products, Inc. does not guarantee that all information on this site is accurate. Although every attempt is made to ensure the information on this site is kept current and accurate, specifications can change without notice.